Sunday, August 26, 2012

a note

here i'am back at my treasure chest where i kept some worthy memories. its been some time.. and it has gathered so much dust, i can barely see whats hidden beneath.

so whats going on in my life? what happened in the last one year or more ive been missing from my blog. i wonder too.

all i could remember was some broken hearts, tears and of course, joy and new miles in friendship.Nevertheless,
we as humans brace the happiness only at the moment and often allow the sadness lingers in our hearts. The ocean of life was never tame..

Just like what my horoscope had predicted. Work  front for the past 6 months was like battlefield. it still is now.
In the short span of 6 months, i allowed myself to shed tears for not just once,but twice at work. I wish to think it was just hormones.
Of course, i've been happy at work but there are times i wish i would be doing something else. something completely different.

on the brighter side, my social life throughout the bad times at work was a compensation. Gala nights, rock concerts, rave parties to high profile dinner. Weekends after weekends and new friends after new friends. Seems just like the perfect world after dark, but despite all these glamorous evenings of laughters, champaigne and liquors, the night had  always ended with loneliness creeping into bed with me. wonder what has gotten into me. Yet, im still enjoying the freedom of being single... and it has never been as issue for me but people around me.

They wonder, they ask, they intro. They do everything to get me into a relationship. Its funny how these people are worried for me and sometimes, it subconsciously makes its way into my head. Making me want to jump into the bandwagon too.

Too bad, I can't. I can never settle for something lesser. Can never settle for the second best.
I still believe someone out there is meant for me. Perhaps someday?

When it happens it happens without you knowing it :)

Yours faithfully,